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Red Rocks of the Jemez Pueblo

I admit I have been struggling with loneliness, depression, Goatheads finding their way into my socks, cat anger (my cat, Panger Ban, does not like being an indoor cat), and boredom. I have had some little adventures on the weekends. My writing has slacked largely due to poor internet connections (it can take 15 minutes to load a photo online) and the doldrums of living in Ponderosa; there’s not much going on here. Luckily there are some scenic adventures not too far away.

Along route 5 in the Jemez Pueblo is Red Rocks. The name fits for the amphitheater of massive rock formations surrounding the eastern stretch of the road.  There are food booths lined along the front of the formations and one enjoy fresh bread or a homemade meal of Native American Tacos, enchiladas, burritos and such.

I parked near one of the booths and decided to see what the hiking trails within the area offered. The hiking loop I followed was mostly along a two-track and may have taken me 30 minutes. This mostly photo journey may prompt a little walk after or before a meal, should you ever find yourself in the area.

Historic Marker crediting Evelyn Vigil for reintroducing Jemez style pottery
The start of the loop around the Red Rock area
Rock formation with a reminder- The Rock Formations are considered sacred by the Jemez people. Do not climb on them.
Start of slot canyon with many names carved in the rock face
An empty food stand
My lunch- A Native American Taco

A short hike may be best finished with food from one of the booths. The families running these booths are friendly and proud of their efforts (one of my students mentioned he is up at four in the morning whenever he has to help with food sales at one of the booths). I decided to have a Native American Taco (only goes by Navajo Taco in the Four Corners area). All in all, a very pleasant stop along the way!

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