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A Raven Reads the Landscape


A Truly Terrible Poem Inspired by Halloween, Boredom and Wishful Poets

The tumbleweed cannot speak

But if he could

He would



Damn it!

I’m not local

A cowboy’s invasive fantasy

You can fly overhead

Seeing them roll

Alongside newspaper



Hit it

But what meaning?

It is like dreams

I find between wake and sleep

A moment without vails

Eyes open or closed

Somehow spirits speak

I have heard

I have seen

I have felt

No smell

No taste

But, they speak

The words or images or sense

A thing

A message

You ask-

Am I reading this right?

Why can’t spirits just be clear?

Why can’t they just say what needs to be heard?

They are not allowed

You know this

So, do I

And from my telephone pole

I shat upon the highway

The tumbleweed

Drops down the arroyo

If you are looking for meaning

Buy a dictionary, bud!

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