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From Bottom to Top: Writing The Morgellons Pyramid

The Desk Named Patience

The book writing bug hit me. Yes, it is true. I have been working on a short book on Morgellons Disease. I completed the final draft this past weekend.  It is titled The Morgellons Pyramid and is right around 100 pages in length. I had a travel blog (currently delated due to malware issues) to get my writing going again and it seems to have worked!

Every writer has their own approach to the art and I am no exception. I’ll try to give a brief on the steps I’ve taken. Maybe someone will find it helpful? In any case, while I suspect the big picture of how I accomplish such a task is HSP (or Sensory Processing Sensitivity) trait related, I’m not certain if it overshadows the process. You decide.

  1. List ideas
  2. Decide on organization
  3. Break down the work
  4. Complete do-able steps each day
  5. Draft and reorganize as needed
  6. Print out for overview
  7. Sketch out cover/ get cover design done
  8. Send draft of book to readers
  9. Wait patiently
  10. Read about marketing
  11. Build strategy for selling/ distributing book
  12. Launch sale of book!

List ideas-

I tend to write down ideas about a book or piece of writing and then build structure after my ideas are down. I write on scrap paper always handy on a clipboard. I jot down ideas in a small pocket notebook as I’m out on walks or hikes. I keep my thoughts and ideas as fresh as I can. Even if an idea comes which seems off-track, I put it to paper. It is a key piece to the process.

Decide on organization-

For everything I write, I try to create a structure which clearly shows beginning, middle and end. Sometimes the structure is linear, such as a morning hike. Other times I get more create. The book I have drafted is written in a pyramid format. It goes from most grounded to more speculative.

My Vision of The Morgellons Pyramid

Break down the work-

Does the book break into easily defined chunks? For the book The Morgellons Pyramid, I have six layers. I used these layers to my advantage as I worked through each one day at a time. I find it helps me to break any task down into part to make progress move more readily.

Draft and reorganize as needed-

I find it helps to draft, print out and see how anything might be moved around. Sometimes I find the original structure wasn’t the best approach. Always, I work towards improvement.

Print out for overview-

Once I have some writing completed and printed out, I like to look at all of it on a table or the floor. Somehow a BIG picture view of the text helps me to see the final outcome. If I need to adjust, I adjust.

Sketch out cover/ get cover design done-

I had an idea for my cover. I sketched it out a couple of ways. After connecting with a capable cover artist, I send off my sketches. I have created my own covers in the past, but find getting a pro to do the work gives it much more appeal. Obviously, I am only talking about writing when in book form. People want the cover to reflect on the writing. Covers sometimes do sell books.

Send draft of book to readers-

I sent my writing off to two friends and two relatives. I am hopeful of getting input and a clearer vision of the final product during the next week. It is important to set everything aside for a few days or a week or two. Sometimes I find I need to rework and other times I find my book reads better than I thought.

Wait patiently-

Waiting on feedback from readers can feel nerve racking. I guess I find it much more appealing than the usual three month wait when sending a manuscript to a publisher.

Read about marketing-

I have a real confession to make. I hate to deal with marketing. Somehow, I believe that magically if I write the book, the reader will come. It doesn’t exactly work that way. Last night I got motivated to search out and find a book a dear friend once sent me. She died this past year and had worked for Random House with marketing. I don’t know why I didn’t better follow the advice of this book before. Anyhow, I am trying my best to kindle the fire of sales. We will see.

Build strategy for selling/ distributing book-

I am hopeful of getting the word out on The Morgellons Pyramid after I have launched sales. Word of mouth is really the biggest approach to getting a book to sell.

Launch sale of book!

I am not certain when all will be finished and ready to go. I hope to have everything finished and good to go by the end of the month. When it is truly ready, I will launch the sale. I hope to see it go well.

My goal in writing is to end or eliminate much suffering. The whole mystery of what Morgellons Disease is and how to treat it is part of what I will share. I suspect there will be some who will disagree with me. That’s okay. The only way to progress is to make myself vulnerable enough to make change happen.

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