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Make That a Mini-Adventure To Go

One of the best approaches to depression is the concept of- Get Moving! Feeling a little down this past Saturday, I considered my options. I could go for a hike. I could do some yard work. I could work on some writing. Nah. Then I considered the time of day. Lunch was nearing. Why not trek across town to Thai Cortez for a take-out and hang in the park?

So, this became the plan. I got on the phone and ordered my favorite Pra Raam with beef. “Give us twenty minutes,” suggested the person taking my order.

Good! A plan! I got my shoes on, grabbed my wallet and my pocket notebook for any thoughts along the way.

Not even a block up the street one of my neighbors started chatting from his front yard. A couple of minutes of small talk and I made it clear, “I’ve 20 minutes to get to Thai Cortez.” And off I went.

The weather was ideal although I sensed the winds would soon increase. Along the way, I spotted couples working in their yards, people on bikes, others walking their dogs and, you know, typical Mayberry-ish scenes. Which, well, though it may look it Cortez isn’t Mayberry.

I hurried along the way. Then I realized I had forgotten my water bottle. Oh, well, I’ll get a Thai tea. The restaurant is on the same road as the local tire shop and McDonald’s. It seems ironic people would choose Mc’Ds over some fresh Thai food (they prices are comparable).

As Thai Cortez is still being cautious during Covid times, there is a window where you can place or pick up an order. The friendly staff and exceptional food make the effort worthwhile.

My food and drink in hand, I stride perpendicular towards my favorite spot. I note the youth hanging at the skateboard park and have a difficult time not putting the word “Punks” in my head. They glare in my direction and I high tail off across the many soccer fields.

Cortez has a regular group of people living on the street who seem to claim the new bathroom building (usually the sleep alongside of this structure). Generally, they keep to themselves and enjoy each other’s company.

Of course, the biggest population in the park are the geese and ducks at the ponds. I enjoy watching them while I eat. Occasionally one looks in my direction. I wonder Do they expect me to feed them as well?

So, I can’t say the mini adventure of getting Thai food brings great excitement to anyone. I do enjoy it though. Good food, a nice walk and some time with the local fowl- what isn’t to love about that? Maybe next time I’ll convince others to join in?

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