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Navigating the Mighty Amazon

I remember the many years I attempted to “make it” as a professional writer. At that time, I would print out a copy of my manuscript, send it off to a publisher and, typically 3 to 4 months later get a rejection letter. It was really tough given all the work I put into writing!

Today, publishing, especially though Amazon, is an easy venture. Writing your book and taking care of formatting and a cover design are essential, but easily handed off to someone more qualified. A writer’s focus should be the writing.

Anyhow, once all of these pieces are in place, you should be ready to self-publish on Amazon. Once you are logged in, the form for book content, design and sales is pretty straight forward and not too taxing.

I published The Morgellons Pyramid as an ebook and print on demand paperback. The ebook was approved within the hour, but the paperback had issues with the text size on the spine. I contacted the cover artist and let him know. He should have it fixed and ready soon.

I did make the mistake of planning to offer the ebook for free for a fortnight (Amazon limits such promos to 5 days). I also didn’t realize to read the ebook readers needed to be signed up for Amazon Prime. It kinda bummed me out. Hurdles though must always be expected.

I hope to have the paperback version available soon. The ebook will lose its free status early next week. I am curious what reviews will share. I hope to build further interest in The Morgellons Pyramid.

So, navigating Amazon may be easier than you think. I’m hopeful my book will make a difference!

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