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Rolling The Morgellons Pyramid Towards Publication

I am in the process of writing a book on my perspective of MD titled The Morgellons Pyramid. My intent in writing is not to gain wealth or fame, but to end suffering. Those who are familiar with my recovery and published research know I consider mercury as a neurotoxin as the root cause of MD. I know how confusing and hopeless having these symptoms can feel. I’d ask that you consider my theory alongside of many other theories on the cause of MD. If mercury as a neurotoxin rings true to you, I recommend the works of Dr. Chris Shade and his company Quicksilver Scientific for testing and detoxification (I am in no way affiliated with QS, but Shade’s work and understanding really is the best for recovery from mercury toxicity).

As an Easter gift to all of you, I want to share my understanding of the “crawling sensation” and “fibers” documented through time and space along the MD Spectrum. Happy Easter!


What I Believe Causes the Crawling Sensations and Fibers

Okay. So, what do I think causes the sensation of bugs crawling on or under the skin? And, related, what are the fibers?

Mercury in inorganic form accumulates beyond the blood brain barrier as described in The Barrier Theory (Keleher 2011). Then it moves along links of nerves to the peripheral nerves. I am not a neurologist, so I cannot explain the process, but I do believe this happens.

Once inorganic mercury gets into the peripheral nerves, it passes between them. This happens especially when temperatures change. My “bugs” were most active when the sun set temperatures dropped. Also, they moved if I walked out of the cool AC of a building into the Arizona sun. This transfer of mercury between cells causes actual twitching of nerves. It creates the sensation of something crawling under the skin. These spider-shaped cells relay mercury one after another in succession. They move through the cells like falling dominoes or Muybridge photos. So, that is what the crawling, “bugs”, “worms” and all are.

This expansion and contraction of mercury causes damage within the network of nerves. The “biting” may be the breaking of a nerve end. Peripheral nerve regeneration uses a keratin-based scaffold (Apel et. al. 2008, Hill et. al. 2011, Pace et. al. 2014). Imagine damage after repeated damage almost like a scabbing over a wound. This keratin builds upon keratin repair until a fiber forms. Some of these fibers work their way out through the skin.

This explains the crawling sensations of “bugs”, “infestations”, and “worms”. Scaffolded nerve damage creates fibers, bristles or hairs documented over 500 years.

Morgellons Disease is due to mercury as a neurotoxin.


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