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The Destiny of Goblin Rocks

I’d just finished a beautiful hike to the Goblin Rocks, a formation in the mountains above the place called Ponderosa, and was tromping back down the dirt road to my van. It had been a nice morning. I parked several miles down the road from the trail. I was lost in some thought when an SUV slowed as it approached me. The window rolled down and I noted a pretty lady driving. Maybe she’s lost? I thought. Then she said, “Joe!”  I did a double-take as I stepped closer to the rolled down window. It was Suzette and Bowie, my sometimes-hiking partners (see Valles Caldera post).

I must have looked bewildered. “I left a message on your answering machine and even emailed you. I wanted to hike to the Goblin Rocks,” Suzette explained.

So, as destiny or this amazingly kismet situation unfolded, I found myself riding back up with them to  the trailhead. We laughed a bunch and I tried to calculate the probability of us individually deciding to hike the same trail on the same day (I figured 1 in 4,000, but I could be wrong). Pretty crazy!

We enjoyed conversing as we followed the sandy path up to the water and wind eroded formations. Bowie had an excellent time running back and forth along the trail.

Once arriving at the Goblin Rocks, we both went “camera happy” and took endless photos. Suzette’s camera seemed to pick up faces in the stony morphs. Mine didn’t. Still, there’s some nice pictures worth sharing.

See what you can find in the Goblin Rocks.

The Goblin Rocks just uphill
Among the Rocks
Swiss Cheese Formation
You Never Know Who You’ll Run into
More Rocks!
And then there’s these rocks!
The Map to Down Goblins or How a Little Adventure Starts

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