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The Gilman Tunnels: The Digs Which Speak for Themselves

The road narrowed. I slowed the van. I drove in the direction of the Gilman Tunnels. I didn’t know what to expect and was concerned I might not be able to turn my long vehicle around.

There was a wide pull-off of dirt and sage. I cranked the steering wheel around veering off the road and circled around facing the nose of the van down slope.

Grabbing my camera, I exited the vehicle and trekked uphill towards the tunnels. The drive had been scenic. The walk up was breath-taking. The tunnels themselves were very cool (both in temperature and in state of being).

The tunnels had been carved for the North Western Santa Fe Railroad in the 1920s. Their original purpose was to transport lumber from the mountains above. This was short lived.

The jagged rock walls and deep drop-off to raging waters far below were picture worthy. I stepped in silence, my camera clicked, and the tunnels spoke for themselves.Enjoy!

The next day, I shared on my Gilman Tunnel adventure with students. I admitted I was impressed with the beauty of the area. I confessed my ignorance of them.

“They filmed a scene in Maze Runner 2 there,” one sputtered in response.

“Also, The Lone Ranger,” another added.

There have been a number of movie scenes filmed in the Jemez Valley area. None of this surprised me.  It is a place where the imagination can run wild and dramas may run deep. Still, the Gilman Tunnels stand out as unique and photo-perfect!

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